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Semantic grid architecture

InteliGrid Semantic Grid Architecture

There are basically four kinds of things that are of concern:

  • The real world
  • Conceptual layers.
  • Software layer.
  • Basic resource layer.


Ontology framework

IntelIGrid Ontology Framework


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InteliGrid service


InteliGrid client

  • Gridspace Management Client
  • VO Management Client
  • Ontology Management Client
  • Business Process Object Manager
  • Document management clients
  • InteliGrid VO and Collaboration Platform


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InteliGrid enabled applications


  • EDMmodelServerô
  • SOFiSTiK Applications/Services

InteliGrid testbed

InteliGrid testbed

InteliGrid VO and Collaboration Platform has been designed to allow various members, such as:

  • Contractors, Clients, Service Consumers,
  • Business, Grid, Web Service Providers,
  • VO Experts/Brokers ,
  • VO Administrators,

dynamic creation, management and access control of Virtual Organizations (VOs) and Collaborative Networked Enterprises in various industry sectors and research domains.

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updated on August 2, 2007
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